Why Keshia Knight Pulliam’s Personal Life Is NONE Of Our Business!

Have you ever been in a relationship where everyone seemed to have something to say about it? Where everyone felt the undying need to inject their personal opinions in YOUR relationship? Now has that ever been done in the public eye where millions of people felt the need to do it? Just think, that’s Keshia Knight Pulliam’s life. Unfortunately being scrutinized by the public eye comes with the life of being a celebrity.

Whatever the circumstances of their relationship, whatever the circumstances of her pregnancy, she deserves to be happy. Not only is a divorce painful, but finding out through social media that your husband filed for divorce is even more painful, not to mention embarrassing. And to top it off, the paternity of the baby you are carrying is now being questioned. I’d say she needs to be cut a little slack to just go through the emotions without the entire country jumping down her throat. I’ve seen people accuse her of being desperate for a baby, stealing someone else’s man, marrying too soon, not being “submissive” enough, etc. Yet all of it is based on the opinion’s of those who have nothing involved in the relationship.

If you’re married, you know that marriage in itself can be a challenge to maintain.  Can you imagine if your marriage was put under public scrutiny? Can you imagine if she was your daughter? Or your sister?

I’m married and I couldn’t imagine what she’s going through. Whatever the details behind her relationship, and the paternity of her baby, I can honestly say I wish her the best. Whatever lessons needed to be learned through this experience, I hope she learned them and embraces her truth. I hope she is able to be the best mother to that child that she can be. That child needs her to be healed and whole in order to impart into her daughter the best lessons possible.  Keshia, we wish you all of the best and hope you have a strong support system by your side, and a village to help you raise that blessing.

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