He Used A Coupon For Our First Date!

I must admit, some of the stories I hear from my single girlfriends both make me laugh till I cry, and make me appreciate being in a happy marriage. Dating is rough for a single woman…or man, who is actually of substance, and looking for substance, apparently.
I recently had a conversation with a friend who went out on a date, and was highly embarrassed and upset that the man she went out on a date with used a coupon at the restaurant.
Now, as upset as she was about it, I had to offer another view of it. Traditionally women are used to men taking them on a first date and going all out to flatter the woman. However, it’s not until later that some women may realize that the man they thought was financially secure, is not. They end up feeling lied to because the man put on a facade.
How about, he’s saving up for a house and doesn’t want to blow through a ridiculous amount of money if he’s unsure the woman is worth it?
Does this detract from the date itself? Does it belittle the woman? Not necessarily.
Now, I can’t say I’d be all that happy if a man pulled out a coupon on a date. I wouldn’t be upset though. the first thing it would do for me is spark the question of where his finances are.
Is he struggling financially? Is he just one of those people that enjoy the savings they can get from coupons? Is he selfish financially? All of those questions would come into mind, and I admit, would raise some reservations with me.
So if you were on a date and a man pulled out a coupon to pay for the meal, what would you do? I can’t wait to read your responses!

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  1. Cheryl

    I would let him know I appreciated his thriftiness.

    1. Nadine

      I’m sure he would appreciate that too. Many women wouldn’t appreciate that.

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