Trust: Is Your Relationship Fractured?

We hear all the time about relationships where one partner trusted the other too much, and in the end they ended up in a bad way.  Unfortunately that seems to be the same old song, time and time again.  We don’t get to hear the stories about the couple being able to trust each other with their lives, their finances, with their hearts.

Unfortunately for many of us, our pasts teach us how to trust…or teach us not to trust.  What we don’t realize is that our children see those trust issues so much more clearly than we can, and they begin to emulate them.  For every parent, they want their children to be better than them.  As moms, we are always so focused on taking care of everyone else that we forget to nurse our own wounds.

So where do we turn when our trust issues begin to manifest their ugly heads?  How do we learn to let go of the hurt and pain, and learn to trust again?  Simply put, we just have to do it.

Due to my own past experiences, even though I was married, and truly loved my husband, I didn’t trust him with my heart.  One day during a “heated debate”, he accused me of not trusting him. I told him he was wrong, I trusted him.  He replied with “You don’t trust me with your heart!”

Now I had two choices at that point.  Keep going the way we were going, which resulted in a breakdown of our relationship, or throw caution to the wind, and allow him behind that brick wall I had built to protect myself.  I chose the latter, and we have been all the better for it.

Yes, we will get hurt in any relationship, whether it be romantic or friendship.  However, the intent behind the hurt is what makes the difference.  Now someone else may have a different story, but as for me, I took the chance and never looked back.

What choice will you make?

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