5 Ways To Tell If You’re The Side Chick (Valentine’s Day Exposed)

The day before Valentine’s day is more of an underground holiday for men seeing women outside of their main relationship.  In other words, “side chicks”.  The unfortunate women who don’t know that they are side chicks are the ones who will hear their man come up with excuses as to why they can’t take them out for Valentine’s day.  You’ll hear something like “we can go out the day before, but I gotta work on Valentine’s day”, or “we can’t go out on Valentine’s day, but we can go out the day after”, or better yet “let’s do breakfast on Valentine’s day, I have some things to take care of later in the day”.  If you hear any of these excuses, you might be a side chick and not know it.

Of course this doesn’t mean that any man who’s working on Valentine’s day, or can’t spend it with his woman is seeing a side chick.  However, it may be enough to start your spidey-senses tingling.

Here are 5 ways you can tell if you’re a side chick:

1) If you can’t reach him on the major holidays, including Valentine’s day, you’re probably a side chick.  If you get nothing but his voicemail, and the next day he responds with some lame excuse, then you may need to rethink that relationship.

2) If his idea of a Valentine’s day gift is taking you to an early outing wayyyyyy out of the way, he’s probably trying to hide you.  Or if he takes you out the day before or day after Valentine’s day, and you couldn’t reach him on Valentine’s day, you’re probably a side chick.

3) He won’t give you his home address, even if you tell him you want to have a Valentine’s day gift sent to him.  He tells you to send it to his job, or his homeboy’s house, for whatever reason.

4) If he won’t tell you where he works, chances are, you’re probably a side chick.

5) If he never takes pictures with you, and won’t let you post any pictures of him on social networks, you’re probably a side chick.

These are just a few different ways that may help you question whether you need to be with or not.  However, women have intuition, and many choose to ignore it.  If you feel like your man is up to something, he may just be.  Don’t ignore your intuition, and don’t drive yourself crazy trying to follow him and figure out what he’s up to.  If trust is a major issue, you may have to rethink that relationship.  If you find that you’re a side chick, please know that you’re worth so much more.  Please know that you’re worth being the one and only.

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