Sex In Close Quarters

More and more parents are turning to co-sleeping with their little ones.  This has been shown to have many benefits for both baby and mother. However, co-sleeping and sleeping with your kid in your bedroom can be pretty tricky for your sex life.

Coming from personal experience on trying to have a healthy sex life with a baby in the room, I can tell you it definitely puts a damper on the experience.  With my daughter, we shifted her to her own room once she was about 2 months.  I wasn’t ready, but my husband felt it would be best.  When we had our son, our living arrangements had changed, and we didn’t have the space we did with our daughter.  He stayed in the room with us for his first 2 years.

Needless to say, there had to be a lot of “creative” ways to keep our sex life active while not waking the sleeping baby. It can be quite a feat to do, but it is possible.  Here are some suggestions to keep your sex life active in close quarters.

1.) Be open to having sex outside of the bedroom.  The rest of the house is also available for those much needed romps.  Get creative, and enjoy yourselves.  Just make sure the kids are sleep, or the door is locked.

2.) Wake up before the kids so you can have that early morning time to enjoy each other.  It’s one way to start the day off right, and who knows, you may not even need that cup of coffee to get you going. (wink)

3.) Nap time!!  When nap time comes around, take advantage of the time that your kid or kids are sleeping.  Forget about straightening up for that day.  Enjoy each other.  It’ll make a difference.

4.) Movies can be your best friend.  Turn on a movie that will keep the kids engaged.  Make sure the kids are safe and secure, and feel free to enjoy some extracurricular bedroom activity.

5.) Call it an early night.  Put the kids to bed early and make some intentional time with your significant other.  It may mean scheduling that ahead of time, but if that’s what it takes, then that’s not asking too much.

Enjoy your significant other.  Whether the kids sleep in the bed with you, or in the bedroom, don’t let your sex life die.  It’s an important part of a relationship.

Let us know, what are some tips you can give others to help keep your sex life active after kids? We’d love to hear from you!


Photo credit: Lawrence.Braun / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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