Relax, Relate, Release

A happy wife is a fully grown woman.  She does not compete for her husband’s time or affection.  She loves her husband but she loves God more.  While the happy wife enjoys being with her husband, she also enjoys time alone.  Time alone allows her to reflect and relax.  Although gaming and recreation is not in her DNA, she is willing to compromise and to sacrifice a moment alone for a life-time of joy.

When you are dating most of the time you are with your boo thang all the time.  When you get married most women think that that’s how the marriage will be.   So they are greatly disappointed when their husband requests some time alone I know that when my husband and I got married all of a sudden he wanted to be alone and I took it personal because I thought it was something  wrong with me.  It wasn’t until he broke it down to me and helped me to see that time alone is needed to unwind from the day.  Of course I didn’t get it at first but I noticed a great difference in our marriage and his mood because he was able to have that down time.  And that also gave me time to unwind and have some me time.  Being married for 10 years now our downtime is great but now it’s not needed as much because we saw the importance of it early on in our marriage.   So relax, relate, release you will be so glad you did.

What are some ways you have learned to pour back into your marriage individually and collectively?  We’d love to hear!

Photo credit: Stella.Marien / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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