Open Marriages: Are They The New Face of Marriage?

Open marriages are not necessarily a new thing when it comes to relationships. What is new is the gaining popularity over that which used to be a taboo topic. More and more married couples are becoming comfortable with openly discussing their choice to have an open marriage. I was given the opportunity to interview several people who are in open marriages.

Of those women I interviewed, about half of them were happily satisfied in their open marriage while the other half was no longer happy with the arrangement. Some of the women who were no longer satisfied with their open marriage stayed in these arrangements because the husband was still interested in continuing it. Others stayed because they felt their financial lives, or otherwise their stability would be in jeopardy.
These are some of the negative side of open marriages. But what about the ones who are happily married openly?
After being able to discuss with a few of those ladies, I learned that it works for these couples depending on the level of maturity, trust, honesty, etc.

For some, it’s strictly a sexual pleasure thing. One of the women I was able to interview told me “for us the benefits is just like bring a dildo in. But in our case we think of the extra person as a giant toy. No relationship, just straight sex.” She stated they have had no problems with their open marriage and keep strictly to rules they set along with anyone else involved. While other women have stated they have even moved in the third party and are raising a family together, turning their marriage into a polygamous marriage (which has also seen a recent surge of popularity).

The truth is many couples we already know are into “swinging”. A couple I was able to interview recently wrote their first book on Polyamory much to the surprise of their friends and family. They are very happy together, have been married 50 years now, and have both brought other people into their marriage for what they feel has improved it, despite the jealousy issues that may have risen from time to time. While it is easier to develop jealousy or insecurity issues from time to time, they firmly believe that communication is precisely the biggest factor for the success of their relationship. That’s definitely the key to success in ANY relationship whether it be traditional or nontraditional. Different strokes for different folks ya know?

So with this recent surge in popularity of open marriages, I have to ask, are open marriages the new face of marriage? Could you be involved in an open marriage? What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear you!

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