Where Is The Love?

Beware!  Relationships drift when you and your mate drift apart from one another.  It happens slowly and almost unnoticeably.   A lot of times we can become so busy with our lives and we may not notice the separation between our boyfriends, and spouses.  When it’s noticed something has to change because if not it will only get worse and when it’s not handled the love that you have for each other can slip away.  Most people don’t begin to fight for their love until it’s too late and this is because most of the time one of the person’s in the relationship has spoke about how their feeling.  When your mate speaks their mind always listen and the issues can be squashed and the love can continue to flow.  Is this relationship worth fighting for and don’t let life, bills, children or whatever cause the love that you have for one another to drift apart.

So ask yourself where is the love?  Are you doing what it takes to make your relationship a success?

Photo credit: neys / Foter / CC BY-ND

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