I’m Married! Where’s My Fairy Tale?

As little girls we are constantly taught that we’ll find our Prince Charming, get married, buy a nice house with a white picket fence and live happily ever after. This is the story that we’re sold over and over again in fairy tales. So what do we do when we don’t find that happily ever after? Are we even prepared?

Looking back almost a decade to when my husband and I got married, I do not believe we were adequately prepared for the roller coasters that we would face in life, and in our marriage. We were young, had the stresses of me being in the military, and him having trouble finding employment. Soon after that, I found myself pregnant. I ended up having a miscarriage, which neither of us were prepared to deal with, and shortly after that got pregnant again.

While we both had family members that told us it wasn’t a good idea to get married to early, we both still went forward with it. I remember the day before I got married, I was stationed in California, and I called my dad because I was nervous. I remember crying on the phone, scared I would mess something up. He said it was a good thing, and that meant I actually cared about what happened in my marriage.

Since then, we have faced some serious highs and lows, and have had to learn how to grieve, and how to hurt, and heal together instead of pushing each other apart. We’ve had some challenges that if we would’ve been more prepared for, we may not have had to go through…on top of life’s regular challenges.

In all of this, our marriage looks nothing like a fairy tale…yet we continue to have fun, see the best in every situation, and continue to laugh together. So my fairy tale lies within the day to day laughs we share, the love we show everyday, the kids we raise together, etc.

Does our life look like a fairy tale? No, far from it. Are things perfect? Not at all!
Yet our future is looking brighter than ever!

The challenges have helped mold us. We had to choose whether the challenges would separate us, or pull us apart. We chose to pull together. We’ve been all the better for it! Our marriage is stronger than ever, and if you count that as our happily ever after. Then I guess that is my fairy tale.

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  1. That’s the beauty of fairy tales – since we don’t know what they look like we get to create ours everyday with our spouses. We learn, love and laugh together and to others looking on, it sure looks like a fairy tale.

    I love love.


    1. Nadine

      I couldn’t agree more.
      Thank you!

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