Friends With Your Ex?

Friends with the ex seems to be a hot button topic, and from what I’m discovering, the rules are changing. As far as I always knew, being friends with an ex while in a current relationship was a no-no for the sake of the current relationship. Now before you go on about why your relationship is different, and about how you’ve both arrived so trust doesn’t even have to be questioned anymore, I already know there are exceptions to the rule. However, where do you draw the line?
There are some couples that will only allow a friendship when they can do “double” dates. Others do not allow those friendships for any reason, leaving their partner to either write off their ex for the sake of the relationship, or have to sneak around to carry on any semblance of a relationship.
Of course there are always those couples where one feels secure in their position and does not mind their significant other being friends with their ex.
I’d love to hear what works for your relationship. Do you have an open friendship with an ex? Does your significant other? Sound off!



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