Express Yourself

Love needs to be expressed regularly and often. It should be never assumed. When you are dating your man, you tell him you love him all the time. You cannot get enough of him. You are so encouraging and supportive then the magical day comes and he gets on one knee and asks for your hand in marriage. You are so excited about the big day. You have your dress, the venue has been selected, and everything is falling into place. Then the wedding day comes. You look beautiful. It’s the best day of you and your spouse’s life.

The first few months are great and then life happens and you are no longer telling your husband how handsome he is and how much you love him. Never take your spouse for granted. As much as we need to hear that we are beautiful, your husband needs to hear that he is handsome and that he is doing a great job at being your husband. Keep the loving burning and never let the fire go out! So, express yourself and allow your love to fly free!!

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