Confidence is Sexy

A sexy mom may not necessarily be what the world defines as the most physically. After stretching stomachs and popping out babies, not everyone can have the perfect waist and just the right amount of curves in exactly the right places. Not every mom has the physical qualities that fix every eye on them as they walk across the room. But despite having an hour-glass or pear shape, having luscious hair or split ends, with your face beat or just with lotion, CONFIDENCE is what is sexy to a man.

To my fellow single, sexy moms; confidence gets you noticed and holds attention. It is something about having our own inner security and assurance that is attractive to men. We, as single women, know this to be true.  After all, a confident man walking tall and strong into a room becomes an immediate candidate for dating consideration. It is hard to find a confident man that is not also a great provider and protector. These are qualities that are very attractive to us. Likewise, it is to him.

While we know confidence is attractive, we as women (separate from the role of mom) often wilt into a needy and insecure posture in our social relationships with the opposite sex. Perhaps it is because we have forgotten how to be inviting. Perhaps we fear  that showing our strength will run a man away. Maybe the truth is we truly are insecure. Whatever the cause, let me remind you that you are succeeding at the most challenging job you will ever have. You are a mom. Get your confidence back and walk tall.

Check out this LOVE LETTER TO CONFIDENT WOMEN. Hear it from his heart.

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