Catfish: Are You? Have You? Time To Spill

Have you heard of the show “Catfish”?  If you haven’t, it’s a show where people meet someone online and fall in love, only they’re not completely sure the person is who they say they are.  If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering how in this day and age do people still fall for this stuff?

My only guess could be that people want to find love, or be in love so bad that they’re willing to overlook all red flags including the fact that they can never actually see this person that they’re “in love” with.  Of course I could be wrong.  Some of these stories seem so far fetched that I can’t believe the person allowed themselves to be “catfished”.  Other stories I’ve seen were from close friends who had the best of intentions, but their plan went way to the left.

I can’t say I know of anyone who has had personal experience with being “catfished” and shared it.  I would love to hear stories from anyone who has had this experience.  What do you think allows these men and women to fall into being reeled in as a Catfish?  Thoughts? Opinions? We’d love to hear!

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