Backwards Is Not An Option

Don’t miss your blessing looking in the wrong direction.   I remember when I was younger and dating every now and again I would run into an ex and for some reason when that happens I would think that maybe us running into each other was a sign.  Well I later learned that I should have just spoken and kept it moving.  Men are our exes for a reason and we should hold onto that reason, so when we run into them we aren’t charmed all over again as if we are meeting them for the first time.  You won’t meet the person that’s for you if you are always looking backwards and giving those old lovers a chance. Yes, people change but I believe that they are changing for someone else not for you.  There is always someone better and when you allow God to bring that person in your life, you will be so glad you did. So let go of those memories and continue to look forward to bigger and better things.

So I ask you have you been looking backwards?


Photo credit: Arenamontanus / Foter / CC BY-NC

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