Time to Make Your List

I am someone that, on any given day, has a lot going on at one time. I have finally learned that it is not the best way to proceed. The consequence to being overly committed and passionate about multiple endeavors is often that the things your true, authentic self wants to accomplish or get out of life, become unattainable and go unfulfilled.

Frustrated and stuck, I vented to a friend about not seeing the results I wanted in my personal, romantic, and professional life. The first thing he suggested was to get a journal. Now, I have journals all over the place full of thoughts, feelings, business ideas, fragments of books, etc. Never had I dedicated a journal to designing the life I wanted. Now, I was giving myself permission to think about just me.

My friend suggested developing a 50×50 list. This would be a list of 50 things I wanted to do for me by the time I was 50 years old. I thought, ‘that’s no problem’ and began jotting down things off the top of my head. Take my daughter here. Buy my daughter this. Go on vacation with my daughter to… “STOP,” he yelled. “This cannot involve anyone else. Everything is solely focused on you.” Huh? That was a completely foreign concept to me and made my task ten times harder. As a single parent, my daughter is my life. My careers in education and entertainment have always been about helping others succeed or keeping them inspired. How in the world do I come up with 50 things completely dedicated to me, my desires, my aspirations, and my goals?

I struggled and to this day have only a third of my list complete. “It’s ok,” he later assured me. “It takes times.” He further instructed me that as things come up, put it on the list. This will show that I am opening myself to the experience and allowing the law of attraction to do its thing. As opportunities present themselves, I must take advantage of them. Go on that trip. Visit that place. Meet that person. Train myself to think of myself in addition to others before time, desire, and ability get away from me. I suggest you develop your own list. Pick the next decade you face and set that as the number of things you want to experience or accomplish before that age. If something goes undone, put it on the list for the next decade and continue to press. Its not a Bucket List or a Before I Die List. It is a way to remind yourself that you, too, are important. Get busy living your life…now.

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