The “No Homework” Trend Schools Are Adopting

Do you remember coming home after school only to have to start on your homework which usually lasted well into the evening. Once you were done, you only had time for dinner, a bath, and then bed time? That’s just how school went right?

With mixed research coming in, and an increasing amount of information showing that homework doesn’t have the intended success rates once thought to have had among students, some schools have decided to do something completely different and opt out of homework altogether.  Several letters have been sent home from various schools informing parents of the decision. Some have even instructed that family time be spent together instead of homework.

The majority of parents have been pleased with this arrangement.  Not only do they not have to fight with their child to get homework done in a timely manner, but they also get to enjoy time usually spent on homework with the child. Have you ever had to do math homework with your kid? It’s brutal!

With this being so new, the results are not in yet as to how negatively or positively this will affect families. I can’t fathom how it can affect them negatively unless that family time is used as solo screen time instead. This is only if they are getting the adequate education during class hours though. One must ask, however, in a classroom with over 30 children and only 1 teacher in most cases, will this work for against the children’s education.

Is your kid’s school still assigning homework? Have they switched over to a no homework model? I’d love to hear from a parent whose child is in a no homework school. What are the pros and cons?


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