The Pain of Ferguson

It seems that we’re hearing more and more stories of police brutality lately.  While this is far from a new issue, with all of the media, and technological advancements, it is being exposed at an alarming rate.  While I won’t go to the extreme of saying that all police are wrong, or bad, there are way too many who only have a license to kill, and are shielded behind the blue wall, and the code of silence by their fellow law enforcement affiliates.  One of these stories that has made it to the news is the murder of a black, unarmed teenager Michael Brown, in Ferguson, MO, by a white police officer named Darren Wilson.

The general consensus, as well as what the facts seem to lean toward is that Darren Wilson used excessive force in apprehending Mike Brown, resulting in him shooting the teenager. So how then, did he not get charged with any crimes?  How was he free to return to his family, and enjoy his life while Mike Brown’s family is left to mourn their loss?  The officer reported conflicting statements, and eyewitness accounts were conveniently not taken seriously, so who is to blame; the attorney that was smart and got Darren Wilson off?  Or the prosecutor that did a piss-poor job in trying to bring about the facts so he could be prosecuted?  The decision not to prosecute Darren Wilson sparked even more anger in people in this country, and give reason for bad apples to destroy and loot their own neighborhoods in the name of Mike Brown.

With all of this, my heart goes out to Mike Brown’s mother.  I could not for the life of me imagine having to be in her position.  Nor do I ever want to.  Not only having to deal with the loss of a child who had his entire future ahead of him, but also to have the murderer not brought to justice.  Instead he is being paid for interviews with different media outlets.  It is reported that one network even paid him $500k for an interview.  Is this his reward for killing an 18 year old unarmed teenager?  Would it have been different if Mike Brown was white?  Or if Darren Wilson was Black?  Is it even a racial issue?  Or is a basic human rights issue?  Is the problem with color or with our justice system? Or with both?

As Mike brown’s mother received the verdict, paparazzi snapped pictures of this mother in anguish and pain, reliving the cruelty of the prior months.  My heart goes out to this mom, and I wish, I truly wish she didn’t have to go through that.  I wish her son didn’t have to be a martyr for the cause.  I wish she didn’t have to suffer an unnecessary loss.  I wish people would truly see that rioting in her son’s memory does nothing but make people think that we as a people are animals.  I wish people would use this as a learning opportunity to truly understand how to change the way society views them.  Protesting is cool, but affect change in a way that will last.  Change the economy.  Spend your money within your community.  Build up the community instead of rioting and destroying the community.

Let this mother’s pain and suffering pave a way to something positive.  Our hearts go out to the mother of Michael brown.  We as a community feel your pain.  We hurt with you.  We feel the injustice with you.  Instead of being overwhelmed in anger at the situation, use it to fuel something positive.  Until a change comes, I will continue to hold my son even tighter…

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