Dope Chick, Where Are You?

I remember when I was young I had all of this swag and confidence. My body was tight. I didn’t have to try clothes on. I could just go in the store look at a dress and say I can fit this buy it, go home, and it fit. Well after getting married and having two children I can no longer do that I have to try everything on before swiping the card.  That can make you feel some kind of way, and it wasn’t until I realized that I’m dope no matter what size I am.  As long as I am confident in my own skin that swag and confidence will never go away.

So now when I go shopping I enjoy trying on clothes, and going through the racks spending money makes everyone feel good.   And whether I’m that size 6 I used to be or the 12-14 that I am now, this dope chick is here to stay.  Don’t let life dull your smile and personality, you don’t know how many people love to see you smile your confidence pushes them to be better.

So take as many pictures as you can don’t be shy be proud of your shape.  Love yourself, and if losing a few pounds is is your desire then do what you have to to lose that weight. Go out and have fun, don’t let what you think you should look like keep your from enjoying life.   Keep smiling and bring the dope chick back.

So dope chick where are you?   I know you’re out there!

Photo credit: Alaskan Dude / Foter / CC BY

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