I Didn’t Know My Own Strength

As women we often find ourselves in places where we have to be “put through the fire”.  We have to be the ones to exude strength, and take care of our families, often while we push our own emotions to the side.  While this in essence makes us become the “container” for everyone to pour their feelings into us.  It often puts us in the position where we choose between processing our own feelings, and helping others with their’s.  Unfortunately as women, we often choose to ignore our own.

I felt like a change was needed when it came to women being transparent about their own strength, and acknowledging how strong they have had to be when it comes to walking through the “fire”.  I asked a few women to share some of their stories on how they realized the strength that lied within them.

The first one that shared with me is a woman named Toya Wyche.  She is an absolutely phenomenal woman, and while she has had to walk through the fire many times, she never gave up.  Here is what she wanted to share about not knowing her own strength.  While sometimes our trials can last many years, the strength that lies within us as women, is so much more than we can ever imagine.

“As one that battles with episodes of PTSD, I had to learn how to stop trying to pull myself out of episodes versus seeking shelter in God when false images of threats arise. In my own strength, they’d drag out for two days but in His strength, they are moments of short term anxiety that I had to decide to turn to God for instead of away from Him and leaning on my defense mechanisms. The recovery time will be much faster and the need for clean up after the storm is diminished. I’m grateful for this new freedom in God and look forward to the day when I can say I’m free from this disorder.”

While transparency for the sake of transparency isn’t the point here, but instead transparency for the sake of helping another woman heal.  Your sister may be going through what you’ve already conquered.  You may both be going through the same thing at the same time, but would never know because you were so focused on what she may think of you if she knew.  Use your story to reach out and help one of your sisters.  You may be the one that makes the difference in her life.

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