Diabetes Saved My Life

He started showing symptoms that seemed like he’d caught the flu.  Over the course of 2 weeks, he started showing symptoms of dehydration and exhaustion.  He was sleeping constantly.  He was drinking water by the gallon and yet it still wasn’t enough.  Then he started losing his sight.  I made the doctor’s appointment, and shortly before, he couldn’t even move.  I told him it was either go to the doctor, or I call 911.

It was at that appointment we learned he had Diabetes.  His sugar was so high the doctor’s machine could no longer register any numbers.  We were sent to the emergency room.  After bags of Insulin IVs, shots of Insulin, and Saline to try and flush the body, he still was in a dangerous place.  His sugar was still at 675.  The doctors worried that he would go into a diabetic coma.  I worried that I was about to lose my husband, and the father to our two children.

This ordeal started a couple of months ago.  Since then it has been a long road to changing his lifestyle habits.  For years I told him about eating healthier.  It wasn’t much more to him than a wife fussing.  As invincible as he thought he was, the reality of this new diagnosis hit home for him.  It was him having to face the reality that he was not invincible like he thought.  It meant him having to wake up to Insulin shots in the stomach, finger pricks 4 times a day, multiple prescription medications, having to watch and analyze everything he eats or drinks for every meal.

His eyesight has restored quite a bit, and with a major change in diet, his sugar has come down to normal range. He’s also changed his diet and lost 100 pounds in less than a year. What he didn’t realize was the choices he was making when it came to his diet was actually a slow suicide.  It would’ve deprived me of my husband, and deprived our children of their dad.  This is his second chance.  Not everyone gets that chance.  He’s decided to make the best of this second chance at life.

He’ll be able to see our children grow up and graduate, and get married and have children.  He’ll be able to have that option when it could’ve gone another way.  Diabetes truly saved his life.

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