Road to Richmond – Out of Control

It is a little over a week before the Richmond Marathon and it has been two months since my last Road to Richmond post. In that time so much has happened. My daughter became ill, we were in a car accident, I started a third job, I added to my training by starting CrossFit, and I have struggled to push past my running plateau so my time and performance could improve.  It has seemed that despite my best efforts, life continues to intrude on my reasonable levels of peace and sanity. Now facing not one, but 3 marathons and a half within the next 3 months, I struggle to remember my purpose, find my balance and regain my desire to persevere.

Not to be preachy or assume anyone’s spiritual relationship status, but there is a story in the Bible that comes to my mind. It’s the story of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. There were moments where He felt the weight of His responsibilities and of His future and questioned His need, desire, and willingness to endure. Adding insult to injury, at His weakest, most exhausted state, He looked around and discovered those closest to Him were not equipped, capable, or willing to help Him carry His load and complete His tasks. Still, in the face of His own doubts, He got up and did what He had to do both for Himself and for others.

I let the challenges of the past couple of months affect my mind, my emotions, and relative to the Richmond Marathon, it affected my training. The busier I got the less productive I became. The more I tried to do the less got done. When we start saying, “There are not enough hours in the day,” it is time to re-evaluate what exactly we are spending those hours on. God knew what He was doing when He signaled the sun to rise and start our day and it again to set and start our rest. What is so important that imbalance would trump that? Who or what are you giving your energy to? What have you set as a priority? Is the busyness and over-committed schedule masking a greater issue? What is the benefit or desired outcome of all the grinding, the drama, and the massive effort?

I had to refocus and remember the “why” or my personal, professional, and fitness choices. I needed to remember who I was called to serve, identify and remove the toxins I made space for in my life. Please know recovery of any type is a process. Fitness recovery after an injury takes time to rebuild strength and range. Emotional recovery takes time to remove the stain of pain and disappointment from the memory. Financial recovery takes time to pay what is owed while laying the foundation for future success….and on and on. Recovery is part of the promise so we don’t have to push it. Just get back up.

Regardless if it’s with the help of others or you look around and find yourself alone while others sleep, just get back up and start again. Day by day apply the wisdom you learned from the challenges of the past. Re-evaluate. Refocus. Recover. Restored you will be more effective and success will find you.

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