Can You Handle The Truth?

Many people shout it from the roof tops, that we have best friends and good girlfriends, and all of that is fine and dandy until that friendship is challenged. We all love to hear what makes us feel good, but what happens when those friends feel the need to have that hard conversation with you?

We often try to find fault in the person who relays the statement so we don’t have to deal with the power of the message.  How many times have our girls or sister-friends told us that a guy wasn’t the right guy for us and we got in our feelings?  The most predictable thing happens–you stop speaking to her.  Why? Because now she is deemed as a hater who doesn’t want you to be happy.  I’ve experienced this and have seen this happen so many times. Most of the time those words “he’s not for you” have always turned out to be true.  It seems crazy to us that we may actually have friends that really do care about us, and want what’s best for us.  When your friends speak to you from their hearts please listen!  They love you, and if they didn’t they wouldn’t feel the need to express themselves to you.

When you are challenged in any area of your life, deal with it and confront it don’t run and hide.  Ultimately, what’s for you will happen and when it’s not that person or situation, it will dissolve on it’s own.  The point of having friends is not to only have them in your life when they are stroking your ego and making you feel good, but they are also there to help you grow.  Their intentions are to never steer you wrong.  If you are blessed to have a sister circle cherish and appreciate it.

So I ask you can you handle the truth?  Have you had girl friends come to you in love? How did you handle it?

Photo credit: San Diego Shooter / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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