Are you Average or Awesome?

We are not here to be average we are here to be awesome. We are here to do great things to be great wives, mothers, sisters and friends. We are businesswomen. We are boss ladies with class. There is nothing we can’t do, and we can do all things with God’s help. He has placed so many gifts on the inside of us. Although the road may get rough and we may have some hard days, we know how to press through and do our tasks at hand with grace. There’s no room for being sad, there’s plenty of room to be awesome. You are a fantastic human being and there are so many things we can do when we put our minds to them. Get out there and be all that you can be, and don’t talk yourself out of doing those great things that you know you can do. Tell yourself I am awesome and that I am not average!

The definition of average is mediocre.
The definition of awesome is extremely good and excellent.

So I ask you today which one are you Average or Awesome?


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