Are You A Realist?

We live in a society now that everyone wants to be real but everyone can’t take the realness.  Being real doesn’t mean having all of your ducks in a row.  It simply means you can show your faults and not be ashamed. I’ve learned over the years the people love and respect realness.

If anyone asks me for advice, I will tell them the truth. Not because I’m being real, but because I love that person enough to tell them truth. Being truthful isn’t always well received, so we find ourselves keeping things to ourselves or saying those things that make our girlfriends feel good.   Being real can make for some great friendships because your friends will know that when they ask your opinion, you will give it to them in love.

I pride myself on being real and giving the best advice I can.  When my girlfriend leaves my presence I want her to feel better than she did when she came to talk to me.  Sugarcoating never helps the situation. There are some conversations that need to be had. In not telling the truth, you or your friend can’t grow.  Friendship isn’t always about hanging out and having fun, they are in your life for a reason.  That reason should be to want the best for your friends, and when you give your advice or opinion give your advice in love.  This is not the opportunity for you to rip into them.  Love and kindness always prevails!

So I ask you are you a realist or a sugar coater?



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