420: Why This Mom Is Pro-Cannabis

420: Why This Mom Is Pro-Cannabis

With today being 420, I thought I’d share why I’m a Mommy AND a Cannabis advocate. I’ve been working with plant medicine for a very long time. One thing I’ve learned about Cannabis is it has SO many healing benefits to it.

In my own experiences, I’ve found that Cannabis has been beneficial to healing Cancer. I cut out ALL sugars and anything that could break down to sugar. I made smoothies of Cannabis and ingested Cannabis oil. Every time we did a blood draw, my levels were lower and lower until we reached 0. I absolutely attribute much of that to Cannabis.

In the brain, we have Cannabinoid receptors. Some of the medicine in Cannabis is the Cannabinoid receptors. When you ingest Cannabis, the Cannabinoids bind to the Cannabinoid receptors and help bring healing to the brain and body,

420: Why This Mom Is Pro-Cannabis

It’s not hard to see why I’m a Cannabis advocate. I truly believe in the medicine in Cannabis. I’ve also used CBD oil with my children for reasons from anxiety to seizures. It’s been extremely effective in helping them without making them high. And let’s be for real, I’ve used it myself when a mommy mental moment is needed.

I used to have anxiety really bad after a trauma I went through. It turned into full blown panic attacks. CBD oil made one hell of a difference in calming the anxiety attacks, and therapy and self-journeying did the rest in healing them.

I can’t speak highly enough about this medicine. The old stigma of stoners and potheads has been thrown out the window. There are so many successful Cannabis Connoisseurs that it’s now readily accepted. Black and Brown people who were thrown in jail for Cannabis related charges are still wearing those sentences while it has become a booming billion dollar business. There are Cannabis stocks that people make money off of.

Honestly, this is a plant that’s super easy to grow, and I believe everyone should have easy access to this plant if, and when they need it. This mommy here is definitely pro-Cannabis. So on 420, celebrate the health benefits of this plant whichever way works for you.

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