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Not Your Typical Soccer Moms

Focus & Balance For A Full Body Workout

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Box Squats

Besides improving on those glutes, squatting also burns more calories than ANY other move! Happy Squatting Ladies! Sharing is caring:

Plyometrics: With Moves To Fight That Bra Back Fat!

Burn the bra back fat and tone lower body! Sharing is caring:

Booty Work 2

Part II of full body workout with a concentration on glutes by @its_reign_. Sharing is caring:

Would You Steam Your V?

A new trend that is making headway in this country is vaginal steaming.  While this is not a new practice overall, it is just being noticed in this country by celebrities who are very vocal about the benefits of this practice.  One of those celebrities that is very vocal about vaginal steaming is Gwyneth Paltrow.…
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Mom Of Two On A Mission!

Mom of two on a mission A month after having my second child (size 16) I set out on a journey to not only lose the 65lbs I’d gained during pregnancy… I wanted to do something GREAT. I decided to compete in a bikini fitness competition. I didn’t want to settle back into my “old…
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The Lesson in Losing 170 Pounds

I know well the challenges of making your health and fitness journey public. Every picture and post on social media exposes you to the cruel judgement of the world. Your hairs stand at attention with anxiety as every part of your body you are self-conscious about is on display. The amount of vulnerability can be…
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Not for My Daughter – HPV Vaccine Scam

Some years after my bout with cervical cancer, news emerged of a cervical cancer vaccine called Gardasil. I was intrigued and immediately started researching it. Nothing about my initial investigation interested me. Not only did it POSSIBLY cover only a small percentage of the numerous HPV strands, the virus that is said to lead to cervical…
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Arm & Core Day

Confession 1: I’ve been wanting to borrow Angela Bassett’s arms for a while now lol as tank top season approaches, these movements can blast fat and shape your arms nicely! Confession 2: I strongly dislike core moves, but it’s gotta get done! Adding a little creativity can make it fun! #sexymomsmove   Sharing is caring: