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Not Your Typical Soccer Moms

11 Celebrity Moms Doing It Big–While Balancing Motherhood

It’s no secret that parenting while in the limelight has it’s advantages and disadvantages.  Kudos to the moms who can balance it all.  The main thing I hear them saying is having that “village” is so important to the balance, health, and development of their family. 1. Jill Scott Jill Scott is a mom to…
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What Happened To The Village?

As I sat on my parents’ porch enjoying the summer breeze, I watched school bus after school bus pull up and drop off the kids who now live on the same block where I grew up. I watched the school aides walk some off the bus and have almost a “good riddance” attitude. I watched…
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HerStory: Tina Turner Graces Cover Of Vogue Magazine

Tina Turner, the Queen of Rock ‘n Roll is featured on the cover of Vogue Magazine, and believe me, she’s just as stunning as she was decades ago.  Turner, who is 73 still looks great and is still in the studio making records.  She is currently working on a new album called “Beyond 2”. Tina…
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Tia Mowry: “I’m Not Pregnant! I’m Just Happy!”

As women, we go through phases in life where we can lose a few pounds or gain a few pounds depending on our life’s circumstances. In the society we live in, we are judged a great deal by our outside appearance.  If we are in the public eye, that judgment can be exceptionally brutal. Recently,…
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Kelly Rowland Opens Up On Balancing Motherhood And Career

Kelly Rowland, former member of Destiny’s Child, now solo artist has opened up to Ebony magazine in an intimate interview about how she balances motherhood and her career.  Kelly has a 1-year-old son named Titan, is newly married, and is still in the studio recording hits. Just how does she do it? Here are some…
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Sexy Moms Rock Wishes Tia & Tamera A Happy Birthday!

Sexy Moms Rock wishes Tia & Tamera a very happy birthday!  These women embody  what it means to be a Sexy Mom who Rocks!  Congratulations to Tamera on the birth of her new baby!! Sharing is caring:

HERstory: Garcelle Beauvais Proclaims “It Takes A Village”

You may know her as “Fancy” from the Jamie Foxx show, but there’s so much more to Garcelle Beauvais than we hear about. I had the pleasure of being able to interview her about being a mom, career woman, activist, and much more.  I must admit I was impressed by the humility of this woman…
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Sexy Moms Rock Honors Mothers Today And Every Day!

This video is to honor some of the wonderful Mothers we are grateful to know, and to honor the many wonderful Mothers we have yet to meet! Sharing is caring:

Introducing Our New Guest Contributor- Dianna Munson

A loving wife and mother of two, Poppy serves faithfully, along with her husband, as co-director of The Secret Ministry where I oversee a 600+ member of Marriage is F.L.Y. ( Fun. Loving. You) founded in July 2010.  I am the co-owner and President of Jabez Publishing House, founder of The Happy Wife Ministries My…
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Introducing Our New Guest Contributor-Tiffani Greenaway

Tiffani is a Brooklyn mom of two toddlers. She started MyMommyVents in June 2014 as a way to inspire, empower, and inform new moms through social media and special events. Her definition of a Sexy Mom who Rocks is a woman who sees and embraces the best in herself, motivates and uplifts others, and never…
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