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Not Your Typical Soccer Moms

Dating Your Husband

You start dating, and sparks fly.  Time passes, and you get married.  then the kids come.  Before you know it, things have become dull and mundane.  All of your lives revolve around schedules and school work.  You begin to wonder, what happened to the sparks? The beginning of relationships are always fun, and often feel…
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Confidence is Sexy

A sexy mom may not necessarily be what the world defines as the most physically. After stretching stomachs and popping out babies, not everyone can have the perfect waist and just the right amount of curves in exactly the right places. Not every mom has the physical qualities that fix every eye on them as…
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Time to Make Your List

I am someone that, on any given day, has a lot going on at one time. I have finally learned that it is not the best way to proceed. The consequence to being overly committed and passionate about multiple endeavors is often that the things your true, authentic self wants to accomplish or get out…
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