Pay Attention to Your Business

While on the radio in New York I had the privilege of interviewing Essie Moss. Essie is the mother of super producer and gospel recording artist J Moss. When I interviewed her it was less than a year after the passing of her husband. Believing there are valuable lessons in every challenge, I asked her what she learned from the loss of her husband. She said, “To pay attention to the business.” It turns out her husband took care of all the finances, documents, contracts, policies, everything. When he passed she did not know where any papers were or the financial status of things. She said, “Denise, tell the women, pay attention to what he is doing in the business.”

Her words hit close to home. I was recently divorced and forced to rebuild my business from scratch. My husband was the one who maintained business licenses, designed the website, kept records, everything. When he left, the structure of my business left with him. I had to go through a complete re-education that stunted my business growth by years.

If you are married, it is wonderful to be in a business partnership with your spouse. Often times, with great communication and mutual respect, that partnership can make the marriage stronger. Even if not married but in a business relationship with another, it is important to maintain communication so all information is disclosed and everyone is on the proverbial ‘same page.’ Roles can and should be defined and duties divvied out to those who are strongest in specific areas. However, accountability among each other is vital. It improves communication, exposes potential issues, and ensures productivity and, ultimately, success.

Technology makes this super easy. Skype, texts, to-go-meeting, google+; the options are endless. You can meet over long distances, do document sharing, and keep transcripts of conversations. Any and everything you need to keep you connected to the logistics of your business is readily available to you. Others may be gifted in areas of business where you lack. Giving them responsibility over that area does not absolve you of yours. Learn everything and stay on top of your business.

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  1. Michelle McIlwain

    Pay Attention to Your Business is a great article. Every married woman should follow this advice.

    1. Nadine

      Thank you Michelle! Please share with the women you know. We appreciate you.

  2. Please contact me I would like to talk to you about my organization Mommy’s Movement.

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