Your Business: It’s a Family Affair

Whether you are mom, wife, sister, aunt, or caring neighbor, there are many facets of YOU, all requiring your attention. The decision to become an entrepreneur only increased your work load. In addition to your usual titles and tasks you are owner, employee, receptionist, accountant, IT professional, and more. To say you are a “multi-tasker” would be an understatement. You are able to do each job, but are you able to perform them effectively, efficiently, and successfully? Are you growing and building your business or barely functioning and holding on in the midst of the chaos? If you are going it alone, chances are you are just holding on. One way to grow your business and ensure your success is by building your team.

Your first team members should always be those closest to you; your family. Where spouses are concerned, involvement is crucial to maintaining a healthy relationship. The trails of business are littered with the carcasses of failed marriages due to the growth of one spouse over another or emotional distance created by a shift in focus. Including your spouse in the building and managing of your business helps preserve the emotional connection of the relationship, instills accountability, and allows him to tap into his gifts and talents as you have yours. If you are connected to him and he is connected to your business he will have a vested interest in securing its success.

Being an entrepreneur and a mom has spawned the catch phrase mompreneur and its popularity created more accepting professional environments for parent and child. While some advances have been made, the daily challenges of being a mom and businesswoman remain. You have to balance your schedule with their schedule, give them attention when the business needs attention, feed and nurture them to grow and feed and nurture your business so it grows as well. Similar to how, if married, you involved your husband in the operating of your business is how you must approach the issue of children.

This is a scary concept because you have seen how your kids break up their toys and you do not want them to do that with yours. Remember the biblical principle of training up a child to prepare them for their future. We tend to apply that solely to their spiritual development. In fact we must train them up in finances, time management, communications, phone etiquette, organization, promotion, and several other areas that, coincidently, are areas you need assistance with in your business.

By working with and for you, your child can learn skills and values like being rewarded for hard work. For the hour or two you have a meeting where he/she is a perfect assistant, you immediately reward them with an hour or two doing their favorite activity or by going to their favorite spot. For every minute they are able to sit quietly while you are on the phone they get a quarter or dollar toward that must-have video game. Even for every flier they walk through the neighborhood distributing there is a reward. For every bag they help you carry, vendor table or event they help you run, there is a reward.

With youth come young bodies capable of moving quickly and working hard. Youth also brings sharp minds able to problem-solve and support you in understanding new technologies, for example. Young people offer insight into niche markets and emerging trends. By working with your children rather than seeing them as a distraction or chore, you are filling some of your labor voids while training and preparing them to succeed in business and life as adults.

Though you are the business owner, you cannot go it alone. Your success directly impacts the success and prosperity of your household and family. Recognize that your business is not just YOUR business. It is a family affair.



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