Are You a Boss B****?

A Sexy Mom understands her responsibility to leave a legacy for her children. It is not solely about leaving material things like houses or money in the bank. Those things will definitely help. But that legacy should also include a good name, a circle of influence, and ownership of something that will bring perpetual success and resources for generations. Yet, for some reason, the definition of a “boss” has been redefined by some women to include flossing labels, materialism, and messy promiscuity all under the guise of feminist strength, independence and self-reliance.

I DO NOT want my daughter thinking lyrics like those in Nicki Minaj’s song, “Boss A** B****,” is what a successful woman entrepreneur (or a boss) truly is. I am the example before her of a woman and mother who is working hard to leave a legacy of ownership and open doors so she can just walk into because of the value attached to her name and all it means. Moms must be the example for our children of how to be responsible, purpose-filled, business-owners and change-makers. It starts with a radical, bold, and unapologetic change of how we think about our businesses and what we will allow to affect and influence our legacy. What are your thoughts about what Damon Dash says about the mentality of a boss?

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