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I have several girl friends that are into this vision board thing. All around their offices and homes are poster boards and foam core displays of magazine ads, collages and pictures of random people doing what they, one day, want to do. I have tried to understand their enthusiasm over spending countless hours searching for the right picture to express their desires, and mounting them like a fine piece of art. I would much rather spend my time actually working toward making those things a reality that visualizing myself living them through random pictures and quotes. Maybe I could see it for material things like a picture of the house I want or the car I want or maybe my dream vacation. But for my business, I have business plans, marketing strategies, benchmarks and tasks lists to compile. How would a business vision board work?

Just in case this is an unfamiliar area for you too, let me explain. Vision boards are a visual representation of your goals and desires. They can be made many different ways, but their main purpose is to help you see, and therefore feel, how you want to feel when your goals are ultimately achieved. Many believe the Law of Attraction plays a role in this process. By simply putting your desires out there and believing in them, you use the power of your mind to translate whatever is in your thoughts and materialize them into reality.

I believe words give life and belief without action produces nothing, so I speak it and then put in the work. Believe me, I put in a lot of hard work so if there is a way to work smarter and not harder, I am open to it. So I have come up with a Business Vision Board that I am hoping you will try with me. It is actually more a visual representation of a business plan. Every business, no mater how large or small, should have a detailed vision of where they are going and how they are getting there. Since writing such an intricate document is one of the most challenging tasks for a business owner and typically goes undone, this Business Vision Board will serve to both help you visualize your goals like a typical vision board, and provide your focused benchmarks and tasks you can work into your business plan.

  • Break your board into sections labeled “1-Year,” “3-Years”, & “5-Years.” If there is space for a fourth section label it “SUCCESS.” That will encompass whatever your ultimate definition of success would look like to you for your business.
  • Within each year should be pictures of your product, service, you (or someone doing what you want) in action according to where it/you want to be at that time. If you want to be a speaker, for example,  in year 1 you may have a picture of you speaking to a small audience. In year 3 your picture may be of you at a specific conference you desire. For year 5, you may see yourself with a television show. Your Success section may have you speaking internationally with a 3-book deal and a successful consulting business.
  • In addition to the pictures, place post-its or small memo pad papers in each section. There you will write specific tasks (phone calls, get logo, build website, attend training, finish school, etc.) you will need to accomplish within that timeframe. If you can, give specific benchmarks. You may write, “Finish 1st draft of book by May.” You can translate this timeline to your business plan, especially if funding will be needed.
  • Utilize the inspiration of others. I love reading the autobiographies of successful people. Why reinvent the wheel? I can gleam from their experiences and use their words for inspiration. You can too. Put your favorite, most inspiring quotes on post-its and include them on your board.
  • Stay focused and dream big. The purpose of the timeline is to keep you progressing and focused on building a strong foundation for the long term success of your business so stay focused. However, do not develop tunnel-vision until you can only define your success by what others have accomplished. Dream BIG. If there is no picture available for where you ultimately see your business, draw one. We are going to have this vision board, the visualizing our success, and the law of attraction work in combination with our vision and our faith to WIN.



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