Not Your Typical Soccer Moms

Time to Make Your List

I am someone that, on any given day, has a lot going on at one time. I have finally learned that it is not the best way to proceed. The consequence to being overly committed and passionate about multiple endeavors is often that the things your true, authentic self wants to accomplish or get out…
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The Health Benefits of Spirulina

The health benefits of Spirulina are so numerous for the body that it should become a staple in everyone’s diet for overall health. In this article I will familiarize you with just some of the benefits of this superfood. Spirulina is actually a cyanobacteria. Before you get concerned, it’s not one of the bacteria that…
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Chlorella: What You Don’t Know Could Save Your Life

Chlorella seems to be the new health craze nowadays. Is all of the buzz about this simple algae plant worth it? Indeed it is! Chlorella is held in high regard for its health benefits. It is a potent source for many nutrients such as B12, commonly found in proteins. It also contains B1, B2, folic…
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Body Image: What Are We Teaching Our Daughters?

Growing up, I was always the heaviest out of my sisters.  Now when I say that, it would imply that I was a fat girl right? WRONG! They were all very lean, and I’m built more curvy.  So to them it was abnormal. Isn’t that the same as we see in Hollywood though? They glamorize…
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Trust: Is Your Relationship Fractured?

We hear all the time about relationships where one partner trusted the other too much, and in the end they ended up in a bad way.  Unfortunately that seems to be the same old song, time and time again.  We don’t get to hear the stories about the couple being able to trust each other…
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Quality Time: How Do I Find More Of It?

As moms, we always try and do the best we can for our children. Often we find ourselves in positions where we look back at a situation and feel like we could have handled it differently. Sometimes it may seem that everyone else claims to have the answers to parenthood and we’re still searching for…
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