Meet Denise

Not Your Typical Soccer Moms

Hey now. I am Denise Hill, co-founder of 2 Sexy Moms. I am also a radio personality, television host, writer, speaker, actress, and educator. Yes, I have a lot going on. Even while taking multitasking to the extreme, I am very focused and clear on my purpose: to help change lives. Perhaps I inspire people through my radio show or entertain them on TV, maybe I cause audiences to think through my plays or start thought-provoking conversations in my articles, or sometimes I help students see and then realize their potential and greatness. I dedicate my training, my education, my experiences and my life lessons to helping someone become the best and happiest person they choose to be.


I have been on quite a journey toward the best and happiest Denise I can be. To be quite honest, there are some areas of my life where I’m still walking. I am a divorced woman still waiting on love. I am the single mom to a beautiful teenage young lady waiting for the assurance I successfully ushered her into adulthood. I am a business owner never content until I have conquered the world. I’ve gleamed some wisdom along the way. I am excited to share some with you. I am even more excited to continue to live, grow, and learn.

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