Denise Hill and Nadine Renee make up Sexy Moms Rock. Denise is a divorced mother of a teenager and Nadine is a married mother of two elementary aged children. Both are college educated writers, speakers and professionals who also own businesses and lead very active lives. Both found it difficult to identify outlets that addressed real challenges and succeses of the mom that really is every woman.


Here, their combined experiences bring empowerment, information, and motivation to the mom who wants to embrace every part of her fabulous self and explore keys to successfully navigate through life. Sexy moms are nurturers, lovers, business women, innovators, supporters and more who, often with six-inch heels, a sinched waist, and a beat face will help with homework, pick up kids from practice, feed the family, finish business plans and marketing proposals before reminding Him who She is and preparing to do it all again tomorrow.


This is a platform to talk about the taboo topics and experiences girlfriends chat quietly about in the corner. It is a place for moms, and the men who love them, to share ideas and celebrate successes.

There are so many sexy moms with so much wisdom to share. Denise and Nadine are just two.


  1. Hi, was just reviewing you web site and started following your facebook page, really enjoyed seeing there are people out there who are trying to help our young mothers and women alike to know that they can be successful. I am in the beginning of my journey, it took me a lot of years to realize my worth. i am a sexy mom.

    1. Nadine

      Thanks Karyn for joining us! Yes, you are a sexy mom that rocks!

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